Rescue Stories

Lucy~Lou was a neglect case that ended her up at Animal Control. Her first vet visit weighed her in at a measly 32 pounds; a female Boxer should be 50 pounds and up! She also tested positive for Heartworms (transmitted by mosquitos).

The story of Lil’ Lucy the “Frenchie” (French Bulldog) begins in a South Florida puppymill, where they practiced the “anything goes” type of breeding (interbreeding relatives, and any other random combination of dogs, just to make a profit).

He was rescued from a breeder with four other Pomeranians; Shatzi, Sinora, Natalia and Sir Logan ! Only Shatzi had a few teeth left since they were only fed enough to stay alive and breed. They were left to eat their feces to sustain them selves.




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