Desired items and services are listed below to assist in the care and placement of our rescued pets. The pets in our rescue come to us with a variety of illnesses, conditions, needs and requests. It is the donations we receive that help us care for our pets with the highest of standards while they patiently wait for their forever home to be found. The services, which can be donated, are of utmost importance as well as the supplies and funds received to care for our beloved, rescued pets! Many people do things every day that could be very beneficial to us, for example: printing,

  • Collars, leads and harnesses. 
  • Treats, bones and toys (no rawhide).
  • Blankets, towels, sheets and pillows.
  • Pet beds, scratching posts and doggie ramps.
  • Pet grooming supplies.
  • Cleaning supplies (Bleach).
  • Carriers and kennels.
  • Metal & plastic dog pens (X-Pens), baby play pens, and gates.




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