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Get A Life Pet Rescue is a small dog, nonprofit, no-kill, foster home only, quality of life organization.We rescue and rehabilitate dogs from kill facilities, hoarding cases and owner surrenders. We do not receive grants nor government funding and rely on your donations to continue to give each dog quality vet care with rehabilitation and adopt to qualified adopters. This gives every dog the best chance at a healthy life with a devoted home! You can help by getting food donations from holistic food companies, donating supplies, vitamin/joint supplements for senior dogs and other dogs in our current care, as well as your financial contributions are deeply appreciated!

Get A Life Pet Rescue
South Florida Pet Rescue & Rehabilitation

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Adoption Stories

For 8 years she was called #36 (tattoo in ear) by her Chihuahua collector/breeder. She instantly won our hearts and showered us with joy, so we named her ...

Taffie & Alexander Adopted Together!

Look at the pictures of this beautifull Chihuahua named Alec.

Rescue Stories

Lucy~Lou was a neglect case that ended her up at Animal Control. Her first vet visit weighed her in at a measly 32 pounds; a female Boxer should be 50 pounds and up! She also tested positive for


The story of Lil’ Lucy the “Frenchie” (French Bulldog) begins in a South Florida puppymill, where they practiced the “anything goes” type of breeding (interbreeding relatives, and any other


He was rescued from a breeder with four other Pomeranians; Shatzi, Sinora, Natalia and Sir Logan ! Only Shatzi had a few teeth left since they were only fed enough to stay alive and breed. They





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